13, Jun, 2024
Do You Wish to Achieve That Confident Smile?

Do You Wish to Achieve That Confident Smile?

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Our beautiful smile has been one of the best features of our whole face. According to research, when you smile, other people get affected too, their mood could change making them feel happier and lighter. So how exactly do we achieve that confident s

Our beautiful smile can be one of the best features of our whole face. According to research, when you smile, other people get affected too, their mood could change making them feel happier and lighter. So how exactly do we achieve that confident smile? Healthy smiling every day could do wonders in making the quality of our life better, it boosts our mood and fights stress in an instant.

A confident smile could indicate a lot of things such as a good disposition in life, a great relationship with the people around you, or could even show how well you are doing on that specific day. No cosmetic products can replace a confident and beautiful smile.


What Makes Us Smile

When we feel happy, our body produces endorphins and neurons which transmits a signal to our facial muscles triggering us to smile. Afterwhich, a signal will be sent back to our brain that starts the increment of happy hormones.

Our daily activities are composed of situations that could make us share a confident smile. We smile at simple things that we appreciate and always end up feeling happy.

For example, coming home to a clean and neat house. Oftentimes, we arrive home feeling exhausted from a long day in the office or school that all we wanna do is lie down on our couch and relax. Nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction when we come home to a clutter-free living room waiting for us to indulge in coziness.unexpected meeting with friend

Seeing an old friend out of nowhere makes us excited causing us to smile. There’s this instant feeling of excitement in wanting to ask how they’ve been since your high school graduation and sharing your life journey as well, what a great way to start a good day, isn’t it?

Comfort food is everyone’s guilty pleasure. Just the idea of a pizza arriving in 10 minutes makes us giggle, most especially if we’re about to share it with family and friends. We also smile all the time whenever we are spending quality time with the people we care about.


Making Your Smile Beautiful

What makes a smile so beautiful? And how can we achieve a confident smile? Smiles can be beautiful in different ways depending on the perception of the people around you. But some studies reveal that a beautiful smile has components that make it perfect.

  • Tooth color. There are various products in the market that offer teeth whitening results. If you haven’t tried one, online shops are one click away.
  • Tooth size. Our teeth sizes differ from one another, although in some cases, other people tend to have larger front teeth which are considered less attractive for others.
  • Gum display. Some people’s smile shows more gums than others. Too much gum display can be distracting and less attractive.
  • Tooth visibility. There are several ways to smile, but a full smile with visible teeth is more pleasing to look at. It also indicates confidence and sincerity.


Whiter Teeth For A More Beautiful Smile

What better way to keep your teeth healthy, clean, and white than visiting a dentist?

Most dentists offer teeth whitening services that give instant and satisfactory results that last longer. Teeth whitening or bleaching could make your smile 8 shades brighter in one appointment. This dental service can be done in 2 hours or less without causing pain and discomfort.

A beautiful smile can also be achieved by undergoing cosmetic dental procedures. This treatment involves adding material to the patient’s broken or damaged tooth to make it look aesthetically appealing. Cosmetic dentistry offer veneers, crowns, fillers, and enamel bonding.

Patients who visit their dentist in Castle Hill, NSW regularly are more likely to achieve adequate results than those who do not.

If receiving dental services is a little bit out of the budget. Teeth whitening kits and products are very accessible to consumers nowadays as a substitute treatment. Below are some of the products that you can buy over the counter.

  1. Strips and gels. This peroxide-based product is applied directly to the teeth preferably twice a day for at least 2 weeks.
  2. Dental bleaching trays. In this procedure, you’re going to use a mouth-guard tray filled with peroxide bleaching gel to be placed over the teeth for a few hours per day. This can be done daily in approximately four weeks.
  3. Teeth whitening toothpaste. Aside from cleaning the mouth and giving fresh breath, you may also try using kinds of toothpaste that offers teeth whitening effect.

Tip. You may also try to practice smiling in front of the mirror to see how good you look when you are smiling in front of others.


Avoiding Teeth Stains

Some of the foods that we consume often leave stains on our teeth. Discoloration can be prevented by knowing which foods are acidic and rich in tannin, these kinds of foods give our teeth the yellowish effect. Always remember that proper care is the most essential part of maintaining a high-quality dental condition.

guy cleaning teethIt’s common that some people experience teeth discoloration, however, we can prevent this from happening by avoiding frequent consumption of these foods:

  • Black teas and coffees
  • Sports drinks
  • Dark and light-colored sodas
  • Tomato sauce, ketchup, soy, and the likes.
  • Red wine
  • Strongly colored food.

Of course, even though we try to avoid consumption of these foods, there will be a time where we will be forced to eat a strawberry or get a coffee with a friend. Try to gargle or if possible, brush your teeth right away to remove the stain and residues.

Our dental health is just as important as other health conditions in our bodies. Not only that we need to keep them looking clean, but keeping them in good shape and healthy is essential as well. When you get older, you will be surprised by the benefits of maintaining healthy teeth in your younger years.