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Dental Anxiety: Phobia Of Going To The Appointment

Dental Anxiety: Phobia Of Going To The Appointment

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The appointment a person has with their dentist may sometimes cause them extreme stress. This feeling is not uncommon, and it affects a big part of the adult population. If you are a part of the population that feels anxiety whenever they have a dental appointment, this article is for you. This article will talk about dental anxiety, what dentists do for people who have dental anxiety. It is common for patients to feel anxious at the dentist’s chair. After reading the article, you can click the link for more information about dealing with dental fear.


What is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is what a person experiences when they need to go to the dentist. This anxiety can start from when a person needs to make the appointment, to the time when they are traveling to the dentist’s office, to when the dental procedures are taking place. Approximately 3 to 16% of the adult population suffer from dental anxiety.

The feeling a person with dental anxiety experiences is extreme and irrational fear. It can almost stop a person from going to the appointment altogether.


The disadvantage of having dental phobia

the appointmentThe most severe problem of having a dental phobia is how people who have it avoid going to the dentist because of their fear. Many people who suffer from dental anxiety also have unchecked and untreated dental issues because they avoid seeing their dentist.

It is ideal for visiting the dentist at least once a year. The frequency of appointments will need to increase if the dentist finds a dental issue that needs monitoring and treatment. Most people who have dental anxiety have unhealthy teeth and gums because they are not able to seek the proper maintenance and treatment from a dentist.


Dealing with dental anxiety

There are many ways to cope with dental stress during a dental appointment. Doing these methods will help a person overcome their fear of going to the dentist and help them achieve better oral health. Here is a list to help people with dental anxiety cope with their phobia.


Discuss your fears with your dentist

It is a good idea to voice out your concerns with your dentist. They understand what you are going through because they may have dealt with other patients who also have dental anxiety. They will be able to recommend anesthetic or sedation methods that can help a person with dental phobia. These sedation methods will help a patient stay calm as the dental procedure is being performed. Sedation will help ease a patient’s anxiety for the duration of the procedure. In extreme cases, a patient can opt for general anesthesia.

Practice breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are a useful tool to use when a person is sitting in the dental chair. Controlled breathing exercises will help a person stay calm during the duration of a dental procedure.

Listen to good music on your way to the appointment

To remove the anxious feeling a person is experiencing on their way to the dentist’s office for the appointment, they can listen to music they enjoy to take their mind off the upcoming procedure that they will have. Music will calm the mind and make a person more relaxed as they make their way over to the dental office.

Choose a time when the dental office is not busy

Sometimes, it can make a person overwhelmed when they are already feeling anxious and go to the dentist at a busy time. Seeing many other patients and hearing the noises of the equipment used while waiting for their turn may aggravate their already mounting anxiety levels. This is why is it a good idea to go to the dental clinic at a time when it is not too busy. The person will be able to have their turn the moment they arrive, and they will be able to get the appointment over within the shortest amount of time.

Look at reviews of the dental office before the appointment

Looking at positive dental reviews will allow a patient to see that the dentists and other professionals in that dental practice are skilled and know how to do their job well. It will give them the boost of confidence to go and have the dental procedure done at the clinic. Good reviews will provide them with the reassurance they need that dental procedures are there to help them improve their oral health and that there is nothing for them to be frightened about.


the appointmentDo you have a dental phobia?

If you feel anxious every time you need to go in for a dental appointment, you may have dental anxiety. If you do, it is a good idea to talk to your dentist about it. Having dental anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of, and it is a much better option to talk to your dentist about your fears rather than avoid going to a dentist appointment altogether. A dental appointment is essential to ensure that no potential dental issues are developing. The first step to having good oral health is to visit your dentist. Brushing and flossing are not enough. You can visit BondiBeachDental.com.au if you’re looking for a friendly dentist in the Sydney area.